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Roof Edge Protection London

Free-Standing Guardrail 

A modular free standing rooftop guardrail system which does not penetrate the roof membrane. The roof edge protection London works on a proven counterweight system, recycled PVC weights provide a high visibility, non-slip secure base that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Galvanised fittings and tubes deliver collective protection which ensures a safe working environment for anyone working on a roof.


The Free Standing roof edge protection system offers maximum flexibility for most rooftop configurations, almost any flat roof up to 10 degrees can be accommodated. The system is available for different roof types, either for use where a restraining wall such as a parapet is in place or where the rooftop is completely open around the perimeter. The rooftop guardrail system can be used for retrofitting to older buildings as well as for new constructions.

  • Provides collective protection for all working on a roof
  • Works on a proven counterbalance system
  • No penetration of the roof membrane
  • Minimum components for ease of installation
  • Unique open style fitting allows quick installation of horizontal rails
  • No welding, threading or bolting required on site


  • Suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt roof surfaces
  • Modular design allows reconfiguration on site if needed
  • Sections can be added to or taken down, for reconstruction elsewhere
  • Compatible with almost all configurations of flat roofs up to 10 degrees slope
  • Modular ‘off the shelf’ system
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium finish
  • Non-penetrative solution for standing seam roofs
  • Watertight fixings for metal profile roofs
  • Complies with the test requirements of EN 14122 pt.3 and EN 13374 Class A

Fixed Guardrails London 

Provides a simple solution when collective protection is the preferred safety option.  For metal profile and standing seam roofs up to 45 degree pitch.

The specially designed powder coated base plate, which incorporates multiple fixing centres, allows installation to a wide range of popular roofs. Being an ‘off the shelf’ product, specification is simpler and it also removes the need to fabricate a different solution for each site, minimising site visits and down time.

Base plates for standing seam roofs are fixed using non-penetrative 2-part clamps and metal profile roofs are fixed with minimal penetrations using rivets and butyl sealing strips to maintain the roof’s integrity.  Fixings allow for fast installation using preassembled uprights and open cup fittings and easily accommodates ridges, valleys, corners, changes in level and self closing gates using standard fittings.

The standard upright base fitting allows vertical adjustment, and fixing holes in the base plate allows it to be used in the most beneficial plane to suit the roof profile.  Available in both galvanised steel and aluminium finish. 

Complies with the test requirements of BS EN 14122 part 3 and BS EN 13374 Class A, bay sizes for galvanised EN 14122 are 2.5m (1.75m end bays)


Secures onto coping stones on top of your parapet wall (as long as they are in good condition), to provide permanent fixed protection from falls. Topfix Guardrail is the ideal edge protection system for parapet roofs, lining the top. If coping stones are damaged, or weak, please consider our Parapet Edge Protection System. Feet are mounted 2.5 metre apart, which allow M10 bolts to be fixed.

Topfix Guardrail is height adjustable using just a 5mm allen key and is available in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium. We can accommodate either a sliding access point, of self-closing swing gate for ladders or walkways. Access ladders, step-over platform walkways for pipework and raised ducting, are also available.


This extends to the height of a parapet, to meet Working at Height Regulations for Safety. You may think it is okay to work on a roof if you have a parapet; however this is only the case if your parapet is over 1m in height.

There are two solutions you can consider. If you have solid, strong, good quality coping stones along the top of your parapet system, you might want to consider our Top-Fix System. On the other hand if your roof is wrapped in felt, a more substantial fixing must be used. Our Parapet System is designed to be modular, and features adjustable clamps which fix onto either side of your wall.

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