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Welcome to Eurotech Safety Systems Ltd

We Provide & Install Safety for Everything Height Related

Roof Safety Systems

HSE recommendations in reducing risk taken by people working on a roof is to select and use the right rooftop safety equipment. For contractors and engineers accessing roofs to carry out essential building, repair and maintenance work; safety guardrailing afforded by collective roof edge protection system can make a major contribution to minimising danger. The system that is selected must meet the highest safety standards. Our roof safety systems  are fully tested and meet or exceed current safety requirements.


Eurotech Safety Systems Ltd is a UK company dedicated to providing ideal roof safety solutions, re-testing of safety equipment, and edge protection installations for personnel working in high-risk environments; together with a wide range of versatile roof safety products and systems tailored to the construction industry, property owners and facilities management.



We offer a comprehensive range of reliable collective fall protection solutions that can be adapted to fit most applications, which includes freestanding guardrail systems, fixed guardrails, and collapsible guardrails, as well as horizontal and vertical fall arrest safety lines, which can all help eliminate risks when working in hazardous conditions. Our systems meet the highest safety standards and comply fully with the relevant safety legislation.



Eurotech Safety Systems Ltd can also provide skylight protection whether domed or flat, to prevent any accidents or the danger of falling through the skylight or roof light. Roof access hatches and ladders, including walkways are also provided and are a safe method to access and walk the roof. Along with this we can also carry out your regular roof and gutter maintenance including cleaning, repairing or replacing where necessary.

Free-Standing Guardrails

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Excellent company and very professional



H Taylor

We highly recommend Eurotech Safety for all your roof safety equipment.  Great Company


M Arnold

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